The Hemisphere
Mr. Bhupendra

We've been working with Genesis Global Securitas for almost 1 year now and have been very satisfied. The staff are very professional, courteous, and most importantly very trustworthy. I've never had an issue with them at all and would gladly recommend them to anyone.

Masters India private limited
Mr. Nikunj Goyal

I had a great experience with Genesis Global. The service was professional and discreet. And the prices are the best I have found for this kind of service in Delhi. I would highly recommend Genesis to anyone who wants an excellent personal protection detail at an affordable price.

Mr. Pushpendra Gautam (CSM)

I was very impressed with the service provided. The bodyguards were well dressed and professional, as they knew how to deal with people. And we have been working with Genesis Global Service for 3 years now. We are very satisfied with the services and highly recommend them

Mr. Basu Malick

We needed guards for the security of our company campus and these guys stepped up to the plate, they were a really good fit, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs security services.

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Mr. Sushil Sharma

Genesis Global Securitas is a great company to work with. They have a huge variety of security services they offer. My favorite is their car fleet which has access to all types of vehicles, including armored SUVs and Bouncers.